Horsey Related Links:

  • Our recommendation for horse feed:

          If you are looking for a low NSC, high digestible energy feed for your horse and/or pony that provides a "cool"energy 
          you may want to consider CoolStance Copra (pure coconut meal), which naturally contains beneficial amino acids and    
          MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) with no GMO or artificial ingredients.  We feed all of our horses at our barn 
          CoolStance for healthier horses.  Enjoy the health benefits it provides along with savings on your feed bill.  

  • Avalo Farm: Our recommendations for horseback riding lessons and horse training the natural way.  Michelle Donlick is dedicated to to her profession and her horses.  Her riding is something magical to watch.   

  • Hoofbeats in Heaven: Read the tribute to Bobbie, a beautiful horse owned by a dear friend who writes about their life together.  

  • Iron Free Hoof:  If you are not sure whether your horses should go barefoot, visit this website for more information.  

  •  Horse:  A comprehensive directory of Equestrian Professionals.

Chainey Briar Stables, LLC 
Other Special Links: 

  • IPPL:  International Primate Protection League - This organization holds a special place in our hearts. The international headquarters is a sanctuary for "Gibbon" apes located in a nearby town where Hardy had worked for almost 16 years. Enjoy a virtual tour of the beautiful sanctuary. Read about the founder's (Dr. Shirley McGreal) crusade to protect primates all over the world that began over 30 years ago!  

  • Cypress Gardens:  A beautiful cypress swamp with amenities including: Flat Bottom Boats • Nature Trails • Aquarium • Reptile Center • Butterfly House • Gift Shop • Crocodile Isle & Wings of the World Aviary • and more!

  • Francis Beidler Forest:  The sanctuary at Francis Beidler Forest is owned and operated by the NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY, one of the oldest and most respected non-profit conservation organizations in America. 
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