Amenities include:            
  • High-quality feed and hay.  We do not feed grain-based feeds and have been providing Stance CoolStance Copra for all of our horses since 2011 with amazing results, and supplement with High Point Minerals for Grass fed horses.  We believe in feeding the vitamin/mineral supplement separate from their feed so we can adjust their feed up or down as needed without changing the exact amount of supplements they require.  This cannot be achieved with commercial brand feeds.  CoolStance is a safe, simple, organic, whole food for your equine partner. 
  • Two round pens.
  • Outside lighted arena.
  • Enclosed wash stall with hot and cold water.
  • Beautiful individual tack lockers.
  • 24-hour turn out to pastures with access to shelter.
  • Six 12' x 12' stalls with rubber mats; available for grooming, etc.
  • Multiple pastures (no barbed wire).  
  • Access to riding trails.  
  • Beautiful gazebo over pond.
  • Peaceful environment.
  • Enjoy the wildlife year round. 
  • We also use fly predators for fly control.  No chemicals are used in our pastures. However, you may use fly spray of your choice.  
  • Owner's responsibility for the cost of deworming using our veterinarian's protocol - mandatory deworming with specific products twice a year in an attempt to prevent any further parasite resistance.

Chainey Briar Stables, LLC
  Offers Boarding:
We love horses.  All the horses in our care are pasture boarded (we do not offer stall boarding) and are given individual attention.  Caretakers live on the property.  We believe in allowing a horse to be just that -- a horse.  Horses are periodically rotated to different pastures so that each horse can enjoy a change of scenery and a chance to visit the pond on warm days to play and cool off.  Your horse's happiness is important to us, and you are encouraged to enjoy our stable as much as we do.
Robin and Hardy have over 50 years combined experience, and have done extensive research on diet and health related issues.  

We carefully limit the number of horses on our property, due to health, comfort, and safety reasons.  We make sure all horses have adequate grass and/or hay 24/7 (utilizing slow feeders).  
PASTURE BOARD $375/per horse

Requirements before your horse can board with us:

  • Current negative Coggins test.  Please provide a copy of this at least 
          24 hours before your horse's arrival.  

  • Proof of  vaccinations for Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Rabies, Tetanus, Influenza, and West Nile Virus.  

  • Fall shots are recommended, however not required.
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Sorry, we do not accept short-term boarders at our facility.   
Prices subject to change.

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